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Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 had a good impact as being a great game with not only great graphics, but options. In it, a mode known as WWE Universe, where you control everything, with minor limitations. The mode combines career mode, My WWE mode(roster customization), and a real life calender of WWE. On this Wiki I will use my great story telling skills to make my universe fun for all!


Take a look at the regular wikipedia. Seach title history, Pay per views, or info on a superstar. With just common knowledge on WWE history, you know it's true. It's damn true. I want this wiki to be the next big thing. Draw the line between fact and fiction. If HHH and Big Show want to team up to take on Chavo and MVP because they injured Shawn Michaels, then by all means! It"s the stroy telling that makes it fun. Video at the moment isn't an option, but I will be getting a camera soon. In the meantime, enjoy reading and imagining the fun and awesome storys that is WWE Universe!

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