"TNA-Total Nonstop Action is a shame to see superstars go over to that disgusting production Dixie Carter has going on over is also a shame to mega stars go over there! Mega stars that I truly made! Kevin Nash! You are Diesel! You are a former WWE Champion for christs sake! Kurt Angle! I made you you son of a bitch! You wouldn't be a 12 time world heavyweight champion if it weren't for me! I showed you greatness even when you went over to the alliance! And Scott Steiner isn't even worth the trouble...but one person is. Jeff. Jarret. If it wren't for you, I would still have people like The Ecw Originals to toss around! If it wasn't for Mick Foley, they wouldn't have exposure nationwide! God dammit! This makes me regret it! Regret having that damn PG rating at the start of every program...I miss the days when Stone Cold would flick me off and stun me! I miss the days when Triple H ruled with iron fist...Degeneration-X! I miss the darkness that Undertaker once brought...and the suffering he brought! That was something else! I wish I could bring it all back...oh Triple H is wretslign Randy Orton for the WWE Championship right now...a new idea just popped in my head...Hello Shane? Yes I have a great idea! Call Cean and tell him to get his ass out there!" -Vince McMahon,Wrestlemania 25

This was the beginning of the new age of Attitude. How the Cena we needed returned. How factions were formed and reformed. And how we saw true WWE Programming. TNA vs. WWE! doomed! And if your not down with that...then I got two words for ya: Suck it! And to the Rocks millions and millions! The WWE will never...ever...ever...ever...EVERRRR!!!!! Be the same...again! Now can you dig that Sucka?! Hell Yeah!

John Cena would go out after Triple H beats Orton, smacked him with his title, Mr. McMahon would come out and receive and AA! New Attitude!